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Specific modalities incorporated with Remedial Massage techniques include: 

Deep Tissue Massage | Remedial Hot Stone Massage | Sports Massage | Trigger Point Therapy |Foot Reflexology | Myofascial Cupping 
Remedial Massage for Body Building, strength Training & bikini Models
Body Building
Massage can combat the negative effects of bodybuilding & strength training by addressing the following issues:

IMPROVE RANGE OF MOTION & POSTURE- Massage can restore mobility by breaking down scar tissue caused by overtraining, previous injuries or trauma.

RECOVERY- Massage speeds up your recovery time by increasing muscle tissue permeability.

MUSCLE DETOX- Massage removes waste products, such as lactic acid, that accumulate while training and inhibit muscular contraction.

Binkini modelling
MUSCLE TONE- Massage supports a well-defined bodybuilding physique by increasing circulation that improves your muscle tone.

INJURY PREVENTION- Sports massage therapists can identify and treat muscle tightness as well as trigger points and scar tissues that might increase your risk of injury.

PSYCHOLOGICAL- Receiving A pre-event massage before a bodybuilding competition can improve your performance by can enhancing your mental state by diminishing any accumulated stress that developed as a result of your training.